Subproject 4 (SP 4): Tropical Atlantic climate and predictability

SP 4 Tropical Atlantic Climate and Predictability (Greatbatch/Latif, GEOMAR, Kiel) aims at reducing the warm bias in climate models in the tropical/subtropical southeastern Atlantic and at investigating new techniques for the prediction of southern Africa climate on seasonal to decadal time scales.


  • Explore the role of different atmospheric convection parameterizations and ocean processes (SP 1, SP 2 and SP 3) for mitigating the warm bias.

  • Investigate a new technique, using observed wind stress anomalies, for the initialization of climate models for seasonal and decadal prediction of southern Africa climate, including the role of remote wind forcing (SP 1).

  • Improve model representations of mesoscale and submesoscale mixing processes (cooperation with SP 2, SP 3)

  • To improve climate prediction for southern African countries.



Prof. Dr. M. Latif, GEOMAR Kiel, Germany
Prof. Dr. R. Greatbatch, GEOMAR Kiel, Germany

Dipl.-Met. Jan Harlaß, GEOMAR Kiel, Germany
B. Vogel, GEOMAR Kiel, Germany